Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pointly Education?

Pointly Education is an education site that provides individuals with information on education and all things related. We provide you with articles and tips that you can use to determine your educational goals and how you can save while achieving them. Furthermore, we also offer the option of signing up for more information from our group of Specialized Consultants who will help you decide what the best route is to take for your education and how you can get to where you want to be.

2. How do I get started?

You don't need to sign up for anything to browse our articles and tips. We offer all of our information to you, no strings attached. Once you are in the site, read through our articles and tips to learn valuable information that will help you on your learning path. If you're interested in getting a jump start on your education goals you can do this by filling out the form on the front of the page. This will give our Specialized Consultants the information that they need to help you.

3. What happens when I sign up?

After you sign-up, you will be contacted by one of our representatives who will talk with you to get a better understanding of your education goals and desires. After that, they will help you find the right path for furthering your education.

4. What are the benefits of signing up and filling out the form?

By signing up with Pointly Education, you are taking the first step to getting better educated and a better career! After you enter your information, you will be put in contact with a Specialized Consultant to get a better understanding of your educational desires. These consultants will help you figure out what you want to do career-wise and school-wise and give you a better understanding of how you can achieve the greater success you desire.

5. What's in the articles section?

The articles section features information that will help you as you continue your education. It will cover a variety of topics about education and will feature tactics that you can use in your everyday life that will help you be more successful.

6. What's in the tips section?

The tips section will feature many short tips that you can use to become more productive during your learning process and increase your productivity in your daily life.

7. How do I find out more about your company?

You can find out more about what we are all about by reading our About Us section or by contacting customer support by using the following e-mail, EducationSupport@pointly.com

8. How do I apply to these schools?

While we do have advice on many school related topics, only our Specialized Consultants can offer you advice and recommendations on how and where to apply for school. You must wait to be contacted by our consultants to answer any application questions that you might have.

9. How do I apply for student loans?

Our Specialized Consultants will be able to answer any questions that you have about obtaining student loans or how they can benefit you in the future.

10. How do I get federal or state financial aid?

When you speak with our Specialized Consultants, you can ask them any questions that you have about obtaining Federal or State financial aid.

11. How do I contact you?

You can contact us by visiting the Contact Us section of our site or by emailing Customer Support at EducationSupport@pointly.com

12. Is going back to school going to guarantee me more money?

While going back to school does not guarantee that you will make more money, it will certainly give you more potential to make money. When our Specialized Consultants contact you, you will have an opportunity to ask them any questions and address any concerns you have about going back to school.

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